In 2012 I was 21 years old, single, working at a soul-sucking 9-5 desk-job, living a life that wasn't true to me, eating unhealthy and barely had any friends or nourishing relationships in my life.
This harsh reality had me going down the 'wrong path'... drugs got in the picture... untill... a drug-induced psychosis eventually showed me how far I had drifted from my True Self & how much I was actually 'fucking up'. 
I now clearly knew it was time for me to change.
Initially i set out to tackle my biggest pain; the fact that my sex or love-life was non-existent. The main cause of that being my low self-esteem, social anxiety and awkwardness. (Yet, on a deeper level I could also say.. the lack of ANY conscious decisions when it came to my career, health or social life.)
I wanted to attract more women and I knew that for that I needed to improve myself. I became addicted to self-development and read over 40 books in one year.
I started going out 4 nights a week doing nothing but approaching girls and reading books about the art of seduction.
The great part was that I started having enormous success with women.
I was having all kinds of hot, wild, amazing adventures.
Yet, after all.. this 'success' wasn't nearly as fulfilling as I hoped it would have been...
I started questioning myself...
What was I really looking for? What was i avoiding? and.. how could I better serve the world?
This is where the real journey began... the one inwards. I committed to a daily meditation practice. Peeking inside for the first time ever.. looking under the hood... made me aware of how much 'dirt' i had amassed.
It was time to clean up... time for 'The Work'.
On top of that the bigger questions in life where slowly floating up: 
Who am I, really? and, What is my purpose here?
This brought me on one of the most sincere quests of my life ever, exploring ALL kinds of paths and healing modalities: from meditation to yoga, plant-medicine, inner-child work, bio-energetics, men's-work, de-armouring, tantra, .. you name it and I have probably explored it. 
Initially learning about meditation, and through that becoming aware of my strangled heart, abandoned inner child, lack of embodiment, ability to feel and.. confusion around what it really means to be a mature, adult man in our modern society.
Slowly but surely I learned to let go my overly rational mind and started listening to the innate intelligence of my body and.. heart more.
and then when I started feeling, truly feeling.. I started healing.
Little by little, a very painful yet rewarding and.. utterly beautiful process unfolded.
I was slowly learning to move from my head to my heart.
To fearlessly living, speaking... breathing my Truth.
From living a life focused on my 'little me'... to gently opening up to serving something bigger.
Amidst this challenging and often times painful healing process I occasionally started experiencing profound states of presence, love and flow. States I never could have dreamed of embodying in this human life.
Now... sorry to ruin the show.. I am not in state of permanent enlightenment yet and yes.. I do still have some of my own human struggles going on.
However... I also realize deeply that it is time for me to share the gold I gathered on my journey.
More specifically, my focus now is to help and guide the man (or rather, boy) I was all these years ago. The lost and confused overly-rational computer-folk (gamers, IT'ers, engineers) that are struggling with their relationships and life in general. 
Guide them towards a life of joy, abundance, health, independence, and mostly, the manifestation of their highest self.
Meanwhile I continuously dive deep into conscious communities, meet masters all around the world and attend courses and trainings to keep expanding my knowledge and skills.


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