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Hey Brother,

Do you find yourself:
  • Lacking Fire or Flow in your life?
  • Unsure how to deal with triggers / feelings?
  • Having a hard time standing in your POWER?
  • Lacking intimacy, love or sexual energy?
  • Having a hard time building the dating life you want?
  • Feeling unclear about your next step? Lacking direction?
  • Struggling with living and communicating (your Truth) clearly?
  • Bogged down by shame, depression, low self-esteem or anxiety issues?
  • Looking for a No-BS listening ear, guide, mentor, or brother on your path?
  • Wanting to live more consciously or spiritually but have no idea where to start?
I know. It's Not easy...
I've struggled with these issues for years, and had to travel all over the inner and outer world to find satisfying answers and healing.
Let me help you walk your path towards the most authentic expression of yourself.
Together we will peel off the layers as we navigate our way to becoming more vibrant and aligned with the highest Truth inside.
So, Brother, let's walk and... Rise together !

Problems I can help with:

  • Feeling restless or anxious

  • Becoming more Grounded and Present (What and how)

  • Sexuality-related topics (No-Fap, Full-Body Orgasm, Embodying your sexuality, Healing your sexuality)

  • Dating & Relationships (Becoming 'more attractive', Online Profiles, Approach Anxiety, What to say)

  • Communicating clearly & Authentically

  • Upgrading your health & energy-levels (diet, fasting,...)

  • ...

I do this mainly through:​

  • Individual Coaching / Guidance / Mentorship (deep) on location OR online

In individual sessions we find the time to tune in with what is really needed.

This can be: guided meditation, wisdom/advice, mirroring, energy work,

exploring boundaries/needs, ...


Sliding scale 70€-100€ for 90 minutes.

Other services:

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