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In here you will find books, video's, movies, communities & retreats I can Highly recommend (to be updated)

Conscious communities:


Conscious Relating modalities:


Authentic relating

Personality Typing:

MBTI, Human Design, DISC, Enneagram, 




Yoga (affordable & qualitative yoga school in Europe & Mexico)

Meditation: (affordable, donation-based silent retreats)


The Matrix, La belle Verte, Mr. Nobody, Fight Club,...



Tao te ching - Lao Tzu

The Bhagavad Ghita - Eknath Easwaran or Scott Teitsworth

Mindfulness in Plain English (good one to begin with)

Letting Go - David Hawkins

A path with heart - Jack Kornfield

Transcending the levels of consciousness - David Hawkins

Eastern Body, Western Mind - Judith Anodea

The alchemist - Paulo Coelho

Trust - Osho

Tantra Illuminated - Christopher Wallis

Grounded Spirituality - Jeff Brown

Spiritual Bypassing - Robert Augustus Masters

Consciousness Medicine - Francoise Bourzat

Let your Life  speak - Palmer Parker

Psychology / healing:

Homecoming - John Bradshaw

The body keeps the score - Bessel van der kolk

Waking the tiger - Peter Levine


The lean start-up - Eric Ries

The personal MBA - Kauffman Josh

The millionaire fastlane - Mj Demarco


The six pillars of self-esteem - Nathaniel Branden

The 7 habits of highly effective people - Stephen Covey

Do the work - Steven Pressfield


The way of the superior man & Blue Truth- David Deida

To be a man - Robert Augustus Masters

No more mr. nice guy - Robert Glover

Iron John - Robert Bly

Backbone - David Wagner

Wild at heart - John Eldridge

Fire in the belly - Keen Sam

Relationships & Communication:

Non-violent communication - Marshall Rosenberg


The plant paradox - Steven Gundry

The ultramind solution - Mark Hyman
How not to die - Michael Greger

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Hope this was useful to you and if you have anything worth adding to the list, feel free to sent it over :)

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