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For women

Your original nature is bliss

In our current day and age it not been made easy for you to embody this, I know.

In a safe and attuned space;

These sessions will allow you to reconnect with your sensuality and aliveness, perhaps even orgasmicness!

Many women have told me how healing it is to be in the presence of a man who want's nothing from them -

a man that is just an unwavering safe haven for them to let their guard down and truly feel themselves.

These are the kind of spaces much needed in our current society.

This space is available for you here.

This offer is an Energywork session specifically attuned to and for women.
Specifically attuned to You.

Would you like this?

Sand Dunes
"Wout, your energy work is phenomenal..

You helped me find an important puzzle piece that I had lost.

Your gentle presence and powerful energy field made my energy flow freely.

I feel more healed, especially in the connection between my pelvis and heart.

I feel my heart more open and able to receive more love than before.

Thank you for being who you are.

Thank you for spreading your healing light here on Earth as a soul... that I have been able to feel from over 2000km away. 🙏"

Ellen, Belgium

Ready for your session?
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