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Energy Healing Course

Heal yourself, Heal Others & make a living doing so.
About this course

Over the last years a lot of clients have expressed their interest in cultivating their own energy healing skills - righteously so, it is one of the most beautiful and valuable skills to have in your bag of skills! Besides it's one of the most beautiful and ethical ways to make a living if you ask me..

So, I decided to put together a course, gathering all the best techniques, knowledge and modalities i've picked up in over 10 years of being in this field of healing and embodiment!

Receiving this information and going through your own organic developmental steps - you'll soon be an powerful energy-wizard or witch just like me!

(P.S. There will be space for individual content requests if u have any)

Looking forward to meet and evolve with you!

Course overview

Embodied Presence Basics

The most important foundation to give sessions from is the unconditionality of your presence and love as a healer. Learn how to cultivate it here. 

  • Grounding & Presence

  • Surrender & Intuition

  • Protection & Boundaries

Power Questions & Sentences

  • Learn how to Amplify a clients process by using these key phrases & questions gathered from over 10 years in this field.

  • An Example: Sometimes you or a client might be unsure of what is expressed, in this case a simple "Is it True?" question can be immensely powerful.

Practitioner Skills

Gain the necessary skills, knowledge, structure and ethical framework to excel as an energy healer.

  • How do you introduce your work?

  • How to prepare yourself?

  • Before / After sessions

  • How to involve Clients:

  • The Non-directive approach

  • Client Autonomy

  • Collborative Partnership

  • Importance of Self-care

  • Ethics & Professionality

  • Extra Tools

Emotional Mastery

Mastering the 4 base feelings

  • Numbness Bar

  • What are feelings?

  • What are emotions?

  • Mastery of: Anger, Sadness, Fear, Joy

  • Feelings about Feelings

  • Feeling maps

Energetic Tools

  • Learn energetic tools to, build up the session space, clean your energy, go back to past lives,...

  • Energetic Brain Surgery

  • Past Life Clicker

  • Sword of Clarity

  • ...

Bonus: Spirits, Soundhealing, Resources 

  • What u need to know about spirits & other realms.

  • How can we heal with sound & vibration?

  • Recommended Resources: books, audio's,..

  • The journey of the wounded healer

Energetic Block Removal

Subtle De-armouring

  • Learn how to remove blocks that keep us away from our aliveness.

  • What is Subtle de-armouring and how does it work?

  • Energy Anatomy Basics


We are made up of parts, parts that are there to protect us, parts that are there to manage the status quo and parts that are covered up and hidden deep down. Learn the intricacies of the Self here.

  • What is our Internal Family System?

  • Protectors, Managers, Exiles and Self

  • How to relate to parts + mindset


€̶6̶9̶9̶  €499


  • The path towards a location-independent business

  • Make money while doing something you love and Truly help and heal others!

  • Deliver Massive Value to Friends, Family, and Clients through Subtle Energy Work

  • Heal yourself and discover your purpose

  • Building and strengthening the connection to your own feelings and Soul

  • Become a masterful spaceholder 

  • Feel more confident, self-assured and relaxed as a healer

  • Obtain your Energy Healer Certificate (upon completion & approval)


Here's an overview of what you'll get:
4 weeks of classes:

  • Embodied Presence Basics

  • The 4 feelings: Mastery of Anger, Sadness, Joy & Fear.

  • Energetic Block Removal & Subtle De-armouring

  • Power questions & sentences

  • Part's work: resolve inner conflict & facilitate wholeness

  • Energetic tools: Past Lives, Sword of Clarity, Energetic Brain Surgery

  • Practitioner skills, ethics, structure and tools

  • Bonus: Spirits, Soundhealing & recommended resources

  • Bonus: One 30 min private call with Wout for extra questions or an energybooster session

  • Receive an Energy Healing 101 Certificate

This training is currently only available Privately and on Demand.

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€̶6̶9̶9̶  €499

Payment plans available.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a licensed psychologist, therapist, or medical professional. The information and techniques provided in this energy healing course are intended for educational and informational purposes only. They are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


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