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How to prepare for a session?
  • Atleast 2 hours before the session don't eat anything

  • No caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, garlic, onion, or stimulants on the day of the session

  • Limit the usage of social media and technology on the day of the session so u are ready to go within

Online sessions:
  • Bring a towel or bucket.

  • These could be used to muffle any possible loud sounds u might make or for any fluids released during energetic releases.

  • Let anyone within hearing distance know that u might be noisy and that everything is okay.

  • (U might tell them u'll be having a therapy session or are practicing emotional expression.)

If you can not make it to an appointment please let me know at least 24 hours before either on social media or by phone. 

In case of not cancelling or cancelling too late I will have to charge a cancellation fee of minimum 30€.

Ready for your session? 
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