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Radical Truth Hotseat

"The truth of who you are is always speaking to you through the feelings in your body.

Take a seat and find out who you Really are.."

Re-align to your deepest Truth

The answers you seek are within you. 

…but... as humans, we tend to avoid them.  Getting caught up in our defense mechanisms.  Or the distractions of the outer world, like social media or Netflix.  (Sounds familiar?)

In fact, you can be so blind to these truths, that they remain hidden from you for years until, if you're lucky, perhaps one daring person points them out to you.

But in a world that's practically void of Truth (or scarce of men willing to speak it), how will you ever find these blind spots that are holding you back in life?

In a social climate where the slightest criticism is considered offensive, who would blaze you in this Fire of Truth?  To say the things you need to hear most, but never do?

Receiving this Fire of Truth can be of immeasurable value to finally Unfreeze your Soul.

​In these 30-90 minute sessions, nothing will be there to distract you. 


Just you, me, and the truth hidden inside of you.

What is it you came here to do? What is your Real Purpose?!


​What's in the rawness, what's in these dangerous, deep emotional truths you've been avoiding?

Let the fire of the hot seat speak to your soul, ignite your fire and bring you back to life!

​Don't waste another year avoiding it. 

Book now and experience the power of your own Truth!


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