'Let food be thy medicine'

When I was a little boy I was already playing with food in the kitchen. Mixing all kinds of flavors together fascinated me. 

When I was diagnosed with a 'leaky gut' some years ago, I was afraid about what this meant for me and my health and started doing tons of research. I slowly realized how the 'mainstream' over-processed, unhealthy food I was eating wasn't serving me. This set me off on my journey towards optimal health in which I have healed some of my own issues like low-energy levels, anxiety, brain fog & low levels of focus.

Eventually this journey led me to California as in 2017 I went and studied as a Raw Vegan Chef at the Living Light Culinary Institute. Here I learned more in-depth about nutrition and cooking from world-class chefs like James Sant.


Furthermore in my trip to India in 2019 I learned vital information while studying the Ayurvedic & Yogic paths. In the mean-time I have worked in healthy bars, on retreats and 1-on-1, providing healing, nourishing and vibrant meals for clients and customers.​

Here are some example questions I can help you out with:

  • How can I optimize my food intake so that I have maximum energy-levels and nutritional value at an affordable cost?

  • Which products are really organic and healthy and which are just portrayed like they are? In other words which should I buy and which not?

  • Which natural foods can help me heal X, Y or Z ?

These questions have driven me for years and form the basis of my nutritional knowledge.

Having a body that doesn't support you and what you want to do can be really frustrating. Let me help you with that.

Services I offer:

  • Guided shopping
    (fun experience where I take you along and show you what to buy and what not to buy)

  • Workshops
    (custom-made possible)

  • Dietary / Food / Supplement advice specifically for your body

  • Guidance with Detoxing
    (Water-fasting, Intermittent-fasting, Galbladder flush, Enema, Hydrocolonics, ... )

 Price: 60€/hr

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