Body - Energy - Work (also for women)
"The body keeps the score" - B. van der kolk

Have a hard time getting to your emotions? Are you lacking connection to your body?

Lacking connection to yourself, or life?



 Most individuals hold a lot of pain and blockages in their bodies.

This needs to be felt and moved through 

before the individual can reconnect to their true power.

Bodywork works towards releasing this stuck energy

and opening areas of tight muscular contraction,

this way the person can feel more alive 

and become liberated again. 

On my journey I found that the body is like a biography of our existence.

As I started working with clearing and purifying my body I found that EVERYTHING was stored in there.

All the joys, the pains, tensions and thought-patterns...

I found that any experience that had been too intense, painful or 'socially inappropriate' to be with had shaped my body and made me build up an 'armour' around it. 

I started searching for modalities that where holistic, that really incorporated it all, and that were highly effective.

So I explored tons of body-based healing modalities like Bio-Energetics, Focusing & Somatic Experiencing.

Until finally... I stumbled upon a de-armouring video on Youtube. I felt a complete resonance happening in my body. 

This was it. The No-Bullshit healing modality I was looking for.

For a few years I started going to several retreats and trainings... to understand how they worked, and transform myself.

The more bodywork I did... the more my Kundalini (life-force) began to flow freely.

More and more I felt a complete physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual freedom and playfulness coarsing throughout my body.

I became more spontaneous.. and with that I was no longer stuck in the clouds of my mind.

By trusting my own energy more and more it Finally became easier to make decisions in my life.

It was as if I had refound the connection to the divine child within me.

So.. do you want to experience more playfulness aliveness and freedom too?

How can I help you?


De-armouring is a circular breathing together with present contact on specific activation points helps you connect to your armour and whatever it holds.  By going into the sensations in these points, this can be pain or numbness, we can start releasing stuck and frozen energy.

My sessions are based on several Taoist, Tantric and Shamanic influences.

It is my priority to create a loving and safe space for you and your process to unfold.

Know that you are the one doing the work as we explore together what is needed while I hold space for your process.


  • Being more present, grounded and connected to life

  • Having more access to your life-force energy

  • Being more tolerant to pressure and stress

  • Feeling self-assured and totally relaxed

  • Breaking through unconscious patterns and blockages

  • Building and strengthening the connection to your feelings

“When the body gets its essential nutrition for healing: time, space and loving presence

then the path towards wholeness can start to unfold.“ - Wout Eeckhout

Here’s What People Have To Say About ‘De-Armouring’ Sessions With Me…

"Wout is a passionate and sensitive body worker and coach who likes to work in the deep."

- Sean Wilkinson - Founder of Circling Europe

"Over the years, Wout gathered many skills which he combines intuitively and wisely during a bodywork session.

That resulted (in my case) in a deep, healing session where he masters to hold the space and stays present with whatever comes up.

A healer to recommend!" - Rianne Henrieke, Fascia therapist & Yoga teacher


  • These sessions are either done on a mat or massagetable.

  • Make sure you bring/wear loose clothing. 

  • A session takes in between 1 and 2 hours.

Price one-on-one sessions:

One hour session: €99

Two hour session (ideal): €180

Package: 'Full body de-armouring' 4 Sessions of 2 Hours – For €599 (instead of €720)

Working our way towards fully opening and awakening your Energetic body

If you are ready to peel off deeper layers of armour and

really want to transform your life…

What are you waiting for?
Is it the money?

Out of all the healing modalities I have tried on my journey, I have found this one to be THE most time-efficient. As it goes STRAIGHT to the core in just a few sessions. I found that one session of de-armouring EASILY had the effect of FIVE sessions of normal 'talk-therapy'.

Because in the mind it's easy to get away with your own bullshit... and the body... well.. it never lies.

So again.. What are you waiting for?



Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any remaining questions.

Feeling this might be a little too deep/direct/fast too soon?

Online/Remote Energy Work sessions are also available (through Zoom/Skype) - inquire here via the contact form. 

Feeling is healing.

© 2020 by Wout Eeckhout


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